Software Solutions for Ethical Businesses

We build websites and software for ethical businesses, charities and sanctuaries

Who We Are

We believe in ensuring a positive future for all

This means following a lifestyle that is against cruelty, exploitation and suffering for all; whilst ensuring our environment is treated with the upmost respect.

One way we believe we can help in this is to provide assistance to charities, businesses, organisations and sanctuaries so they can grow and ensure a positive future for all.

However big or small, we are sure we can help.

Many years of experience

For 15 years we have been working on many different websites and business systems for companies from the small to those worth in excess of a billion pounds.

This includes everything from architecture and development, as well as working with customers during requirement gathering and prototyping. We have been involved from the early days of setting up hardware and software as well as ongoing maintenance, migration work or upgrades.


Web Development

Web Development

From public websites and APIs to Intranet applications; all with bespoke functionality limited only by your imagination



We have experience building ecommerce sites from scratch as well as implementing existing ecommerce platforms and payment providers

Software Development

Software Development

Need business software from managing stock and orders? or converting data from legacy format to new? We can build it all

App Developments

App Development

We can develop Mobile apps for Android and iOS - Sleep Toxins is an Android game available from the Google Play Store.


Detecting Web Application Regression with PhantomJS

For those people who are developing web applications/websites then every time a change is made it should be going through a QA. This is for functional testing of the change but also to detect any regression which may have occurred.

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How to unit test a MVC HTML Helper that calls Action

If you have a need to unit test a helper method which does a call to Action then you will hit an issue due to how HtmlHelper is not mockable and the call to Action will end up going through many layers and actually calling an action.

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Multi-Browser Testing an MVC Application With Selenium and NUnit

This example is a simple NUnit test that uses the test case functionality of NUnit to run against multiple browsers. The sample web-application is MVC but it doesn't really matter for the test case itself. The only important part is that you define what on the page is static and what is dynamic so the test case can do correct asserts of the page.

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Running a Windows Service as a Console Application

If you have ever built a Windows Service then trying to debug it can be a problem, having to attach the debugger to a running process is not ideal and I like having the ability to just click play.

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.NET MVC SEO/Slug Only URLs for eCommerce

As part of my ongoing journey creating an eCommerce site I had to implement into the .NET MVC 3 website I’m creating a way of having URLs such as Instead of:

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